Prosthetic Services

We offer a full range of prosthetic services with a fully equipped state of the art laboratory. All lower extremity prosthetics are fabricated in house for better quality assurance and turn around time. What sets us apart from others is the vast experience and quality that we are able to achieve. After 25 years of mastering the art and science of prosthetics we are truly the leaders in and around the Tampa Bay area. Having an amputee as our Prosthetic Clinical Director not only gives us an insight but also the compassion to fit the most difficult and demanding amputees.

Partial foot
Below knee (Transtibial)
Above knee (Transfemoral)
Hip Disarticulation
Hemi Pelvectomy
Hemi Corporectomy

Custom Prosthetics

Every prosthetic device here at Copeland Prosthetics and Research is custom made for each individual patient. We are proud of our new state of the art laboratory where all of the fabrication is done in house and not sent out to other facilities. This insures the highest quality and minimises any possible mistakes. We have developed a lot of techniques that are proprietary to Copeland Prosthetics. After being in the business for over thirty years we have developed ways to make the prosthesis lighter in weight and more comfortable. A lot of facilities don't even think weight is a problem. As an amputee we know the weight can make a big difference in the overall performance of the prosthesis and energy expenditure. We have a lot of patients who want their prosthesis to look as natural as possible. We custom shape each prosthesis to the patients satisfaction and if desired custom skin is applied and matched to your color until you are totally satisfied. Most facilities use a pre-manufactured skin with a few colors to chose from. We can also add freckles, hair etc.. to also enhance the appearance. Whatever your situation or specific problems are, we have the experience and time to take care of you in a professional and timely manner.

Research And Development

We are continually researching for better ways to enhance the overall experience of wearing a prosthesis. We have developed many fabrication techniques that will enhance your overall experience, ways to make the prosthesis lighter in weight and more comfortable exclusive to Copeland Prosthetics.

We have developed our own vacuum system that many of our patients are wearing with great success. We have developed our own silicone liners with knee flexion, due to the inconsistencies of the ones available on the market. These have made a great difference also in the comfort and performance of our trans-femoral patients. We are able to custom design each individual liner to specifically take care of any particular problems or concerns.

The overall prosthetic interface has been researched and developed for the most anatomical and functional design possible today. We are starting to research and use Nano materials which are going to enhance the prosthetic world.

There are new techniques and materials being developed today that we can't even talk about at this time but will be in the near future. It is an exciting time to be in this industry to be able to help so many people get back to their lives and not be burdened thinking about the prosthesis all the time.

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