The Copeland Philosophy

The Copeland philosophy is very simple, take extra special care of each and every person that walks through our doors with a true commitment to the highest level of patient care.

As an above knee amputee and a prosthetist, the vast experience and knowledge I gained over the last twenty five years have given me a better insight and understanding of what true COMFORT and FUNCTION should be. As the Prosthetic Clinical Director, I oversee every prosthesis created from our clinic.

With today's technology and a clever, experienced prosthetist, every amputee should be both comfortable and functional. Of course each person has different physical capabilities and problems so the level of achievements will vary.

Factors For Success And A Positive Outcome

prosthetics First and foremost, you the amputee has to want to walk and be independent and functional again.

The physiological aspects of becoming an amputee can vary greatly from person to person. Your overall health and well-being will help determine your level of success and independence. We have found normally the type of attitude one has before becoming an amputee will manifest itself sometimes even more after amputation. If you had a positive attitude before amputation this will help you deal with this life-altering journey. On the opposite side of the coin if you are negative or pessimistic you will find yourself very frustrated and will make life difficult for yourself and everyone around you.

prosthetics Second, the quality of your amputation surgery or what I like to call (reconstruction surgery) is of utmost importance.

Just like any field of specialty the more experience and knowledge, the better the outcome. Amputation surgery is no different. I've had the pleasure to experience and view both the mediocre and the very finest in the U.S. and the difference can be very dramatic. Amputation Reconstruction is not only a science but as explained to me by Dr. Ertle is very much an art form. A surgeon can spend very little time or as much as it takes to achieve the very best for the amputee, because the surgical outcome is something that you have to live with for the rest of your life.

prosthetics Third, choosing a prosthetist should be taken very seriously.

This prosthetic device is something you will need for the rest of your life. So you should take great care in choosing this person. The prosthetist will become very close to you. Experience and a kind heart with a caring attitude with specific training in your type of amputation is paramount. If you are a new amputee you might ask yourself, "How do I choose?". We normally depend on our physician to lead us in the right direction. Ask for at least 3-4 referrals so that you can interview them and make your own decision. The more experience and talent your prosthetist has with your type of prosthesis the better your outcome will be.

Of course, there are many other factors such as financial, physical therapy, etc... that also come into place, but without these first three you may struggle to gain overall independence.

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